La Scala's Jean Leon, born in Spain's Bayonne Basque Country,migrated to the United States in 1951, settling in Los Angeles. At the age of 17, he began his career at Villa Capri in Hollywood, working with restaurant until 1956 when he opened his own Beverly Hills- La Scala.

From the beginning, La Scala was known for its innovation and opened to
great critical acclaim. Leon was the first Los Angeles Italian restauranteur to serve white truffles, the first to make his own pasta. The restaurant has been long affiliated with the film colony as well as having served six United States

Leon's love of good wine prompted him to purchase his own vineyard outside of Barcelona in
1962--Chateau Leon. There, he made his own label of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Chardonnay
which is sold throughout the world and is, of course, served in his restaurants.

Also in 1962, Leon opened La Scala Boutique, next to La Scala. Originally a take-out establishment
reminiscent of Paris'famed Charcuterie Fauchon, Leon transformed it into an informal restaurant which,
since it's first day, has been an extraordinarily popular Beverly Hills restaurant.

Jean Leon introduced his first La Scala Trattoria in Brentwood in 1985. The concept, which is the
presentation of food which matches the quality and variety of that served at La Scala but at more
moderate prices.

In September 1989, Leon moved his legendary La Scala restaurant and La Scala Boutique to a new
location in Beverly Hills, reopening as one restaurant--La Scala Restaurant & Boutique

In 2006 the city of Santander ( the birth place of Jean Leon ) dedicated a street with his name to honor his huge contribution to the Spanish wine industry and for the local boy who did so well in Hollywood.